PROJECT: i3 Rebrand
TECHNOLOGY: Illustrator + Photoshop
DESCRIPTION: Expand brand through development of new + contemporary vibes.


As the founding members of indigo three, we tasked ourselves with digging into who we are as a brand, visually. We've iterated through a few visual identities as our young company has evolved, but we are proud to announce that we have solidified both the tone and voice we were looking to achieve.


Our clients could choose one of literally millions of tech companies to create the tools they need, but they choose indigo three because we do things a little bit differently. We pride ourselves on being a team of powerhouse pros in the technology, business, and creative arenas - and we've learned that a lighthearted atmosphere cultivates some of the most profound ideas. Our branding inherited that focus. Deliberate choices using color theory and typography set a tone of all-business professionalism, but when given the opportunity to add some whimsey and even the scales, we jumped on it ... enter "Indie," the official unofficial mascot of indigo three, just as an example.


Our vibe as a brand reflects our tone as a business that specializes in consulting, marketing and design. Our look juxtaposes clean and contemporary, warm and rustic, and a sprinkle of
good-natured humor.
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